LUKAS-NERCHAU Catalogue No. 151 - 2013
· Mediums
ILLU-Color Cleaner
Cleaner for airbrush pistols.
: spraying of ILLU-Colour Cleaner after each
change of the colour reduces the blocking of the nozzle!
surfactants, water, silicate, complexing agent, additives
Water / - / -
30 ml
Art.-No.: 2287 0030
VE 6
125 ml
Art.-No.: 2287 0125
PU 3
Masking Fluid
Medium for temporary covering of (water colour) - paper.
: pre-test necessary, since for this technique not all papers are suitable!
natural latex dispersion, additives
Water / - / -
50 ml
Art.-No.: 2239 0050
PU 3
Airbrush Primer
Transparent, slightly gluing drying primer. Increases particularly the adhesion of
airbrush colours on smooth undergrounds.
acrylic resin dispersion (copolymer), additives
Water / - / -
125 ml
Art.-No.: 2289 0125
PU 3
Monotype with LUKAS iLLU-Color
The high pigmented liquid ink LUKAS iLLU-Color is
excellent for the additive printing technique of Mono-
type. The motif will be painted and the copy drawn
with brushes, scrapers or with the pipettes of the
iLLU-Color bottles on a plan, non-absorbing printing plate
(e.g. pane of glass or metal plate), as long as the colour is
still wet. All LUKAS Water Colour Papers can be used as
printing paper.
Additive Print with various viscosities - LUKAS iLLU-Color and LUKAS LINOL on
one and the same printing plate
First you work with LUKAS LINOL on the printing plate. This kind of solid colour stays
on the plate and can be overpainted with the more light iLLU-Color. Due to the various
viscosities you will find and create interesting possibilities and effects.
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